Clientele Satisfaction of Front Line Services of Central Philippines State University

Keywords: clientele satisfaction, front line services, Anti-Red Tape Act


The assessment of the clientele satisfaction on front line services in the University is a vital step to improvement. Hence, this study assessed how frontline personnel and services uphold human dignity by meeting customer and statutory requirements specified in the Anti-Red Tape Act. This study determined the respondents’ level of satisfaction on front line services of the university. A stratified simple random technique was utilized in identifying the actual student respondents while purposive sampling was used for parents and alumni respondents. The findings also indicated that the clienteles were not in common agreement on the level of their satisfaction towards the services of frontline offices in the University. The parent stakeholders were far more satisfied with the services availed from front line personnel of the institution than the students and alumni. In general, the University front line services are compliant with the ARTA provisions of the Civil Service Commission.